Take a look what our Turkish friends do after first training session in Poland.

Boccia trainings – let’s START !!!!


Yesterday, we began to our local activities associated with the Erasmus+Sport Project ’ Enhancing the quality of life of people with disabilities and their environment through Paralympic Sport Boccia’ in front of the administrative district within a province Soma with a participation of our governor of a provincial district Ahmet ALTINTAŞ, district governor of directorate of youth and sports Dilek Kuruçay, our association’s legal representative Ali Subaşı, dear teacher Vahit Sayginwho has contributed to our being included in this Project, Serhat BULUT and Fatih AKALIN from Poland Project Group, and a group of local people.

We plan to continue this activity Thursdays each week as this week.

Thank you everyone for joining us and sharing the excitement of this first experiment and we hope to see you again in our upcoming activities.

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