The participant of “BOCCIA – Erasmus + Sport” moved on August the 3rd to Kyustendil – Bulgaria, to continue the Project. This time the host is “Partners Kyustendil Association” – Slokoshtitza lead by Veska Milanova.

Bulgaria impressed us not only as a country of most beautiful roses, great heritage, unique historical monuments and tourist attractions but also the quality of social care. In Kyustendil City we had an opportunity to visit three places: “Home of adult people with physical disabilities” (Director Anelia Velinova), “Center of social rehabilitation and integration” and “Day care center for children with physical and intellectual disabilities – Viara, Nadiezhda, Lyubov”.

Most of project participants are specialist in social care and rehabilitation so they paid attention to many aspects of Bulgarian solutions.

The afternoon is obviously dedicated to Boccia matches.

Program “BOCCIA – Enhancing the quality of life of people with disabilities and their environment through Paralympic sport Boccia” co-funded by Erasmus+Programme of the European Union.

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