We  are passionate not only about sport but also  arts and culture . We are proud to present a work of art inspired by Boccia. This picture painted by the disabled artist Wieslawa KISIALA  will be the official artistic motif of BISFed Regional Open Poznań’2018.

Wieslawa KISIALA – graduated the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Nicholas Copernicus in Torun. Creates in the field of painting and drawing. Presented her works at many collective and individual exhibitions in galleries in Poland and abroad. Wieslawa works as an academic teacher at the Institute of Art Education at the Świetokrzyska Academy in Kielce. In 1996, suffered a serious road accident. After more than two years of convalescence, she returned to painting devoting herself entirely to art.  In creating she uses oil, tempera and pastels. As she says, painting calms her down and lets her forget about everyday worries and problems.

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