-1People from all over the word, who come to visit Poznań, arrive to the airport which is located ca 5 km west from the Poznań Downtown. Poznań Ławica International Airport is one of the oldest yet also the most modern airports in Poland!

One can get to the airport either by taxi or by bus.
Upon arrival it is worth seeing three sculptures which are located at the airport – they give visitors the first impression of the Polish art.

More information on the Poznań Airport can be found at the airport website:


Another way to reach Poland is to come by train. Trains arrive to the Poznań Main Railway Station where information and all kind of assistance desks are located.
The Main Railway Station is adjacent to the new shopping mall called the City Center, where one can do some shopping while having some spare time.
More information on traveling by train can be found at the following website:

The railway station is located in the center of the city, in the vicinity of the Novotel Centrum. The bus line „L” runs between the railway station and the airport. Poznań green – yellow buses look like this:


Where in principle Poland is located?
Poland is the country which borders Germany to the west and Ukraine and Belarus to the east. It has access to the Baltic Sea, but this is not the only highlight of our country!


Poland is well known for its art, culture and of course for beautiful Polish women …  🙂

Poland has very specific cuisine!
The most popular dish is pierogi (dumplings). It is a meal prepared from cooked, baked or deep fried dough – you are strongly encouraged to taste it!

We invite you to visit the following website which presents more information and some recipes:
Right after that, you should try Polish bigos, barszcz or golonka. Polish cuisine is distinctive and surely very tasty.

Tea is a very popular drink. It is often served with a lemon slice and sugar. Poland is often associated with drinking alcohol. The stereotype image of a Pole is however far from the truth. Many people think that vodka is the most popular alcohol in Poland. Polish vodka is famous for its high quality, similarly as Polish beer. The product is inexpensive and easily available. Nevertheless, lots of good wine and liqueur as well as beer is drunk in Poland.9
The Old Market Square – the main Poznań tourist attraction – hosts number of places where one can taste Polish alcohols. Some of these places are adapted for the disabled! 🙂
It is worth visiting the Vodka and Beer Pump Room (arranged in an old style) or Brovaria.
Check how you can get there!

Another unfair stereotype is unending complaint.
Still, young people open up to the world. Poles are also willing to take new challenges. Soon you will be able to judge by yourselves how helpful and friendly are our volunteers as well as the team organizing this unique competition!
Learning foreign languages is now in vogue which revises the next stereotype that Poles cannot speak foreign languages. People are becoming more communicative and try to work with others. The most common languages are English and German, which are taught at schools.
We invite you to convince yourself how much truth is in this.



Festivals and concerts are organized in Poznan accordingly to the year seasons.
There are also many cinemas, very lively theaters, clubs and galleries.

The Poznań International Fair (PIF) is the one of the most well known placess in Poznań. PIF is also the oldest and the largest fair in Poland. Its grounds are located in the vicinity of the Main Railway Station thus it can be easily found.


If one is willing to experience a touch of the Polish culture he is advised to visit the Poznań Parish Church. The Church was built in the Baroque style. On summer Thursday evenings Organ Concerts take place in the Church.
The Church is located at a small side street of the Old Market Square. The Old Market Square is of course the place where one should make a stop during the city sightseeing.



Once you are on the Old Market Square you can see colorful open air cafes and restaurants as well as beautiful old houses.

At noon, watch the Town Hall clock tower with effigies of goats, which are one of the symbols of Poznań. Everyday at 12: 00 the clockwork goats hit each other with horns twelve times.


PARKS, ZOO, DEPTAK (a pedestrian walk along the Półwiejska Street)

There are many parks in Poznań. Visitors can be astonished by parks’ nice settings as well as restfulness which they can experience there. The Citadel Park can surprise visitors with its size, interesting history and also numerous sculptures scattered all over its terrain.

Vistit to the Poznań ZOO with its remarkable Elephnat House as well as stroll down the DEPTAK (Półwiejska Street) where lots of gripping shops can be found, are the items to be put on the list „one must see”.
Therefore you are welcome to Poznań! You must experience all attraction by yourself!