The project BOCCIA – Enhancing the quality of life of people with disabilities and their environment through Paralympic sport Boccia is implemented by 6 NGOs from Bulgaria, Greece, FYR of Macedonia, Turkey, Poland and Georgia, and is directed to people with disabilities, specialists, volunteers / Animators and persons working for disabled people environment.

Main goals:
1. Transfer of effective solutions that activate vitally, equalize opportunities and health-enhancing physical activities of disabled using paralympic sport Boccia.
2. Increased participation in, and equal access to sport for all through:
a) training specialists (instructors),
b) obtaining and training volunteers for NGO – „Animators of active life in people with disabilities” in Partner Organizations countries and also working for disabled people environment and local communities in individual countries,
c) creating Boccia Teams in Partner Organizations countries pursuing systematically integration Boccia classes for NGO and local communities.

Goals will be implemented through passing experience, methodology, good practice from specialists working for the most experienced sports and rehabilitation association in Poland START.

Project uses Paralympic sport- Boccia because it concerns specific needs in the field of sport for people with disabilities.

Boccia is suitable for everyone, but has found great popularity among people with even the most severe physical disabilities (cerebral palsy or other neurological diseases). It challenges both body and mind and provides athletic therapy. Boccia is an effective way to integrate physically disabled with able-bodied individuals in sports clubs, NGO’s, schools, rehabilitation centres, or the home.

We assume the active participation of all Partners, activities will be carried out in each country. 141 people will participate in the project.